We believe the ocean is our future, and from the ocean, we can fundamentally change the world for the better.
Our goal is to create a modular floating unit that can be attached to other units, enabling people to come together and form communities in the water. Along with the units we will incorporate infrastructure and technologies to help the ocean recover from the damage humanity has caused, and perform at its best in order to regulate our natural environment.
Moving to the oceans for our future will bring about many new business opportunities. The platforms we build to support new life under the seas, will also support life above.

  • Deep sea marinas will provide rest and repairs during long journeys for boaters and commercial shipping
  • Offshore spaceports will allow safe expansion of spaceflight around the world
  • Resorts will provide greater opportunity to explore and appreciate the wonders of the seas
  • Supporting our oceans will allow them to provide not only enough to thrive, but an abundance of food for the world


  • Q4 2022 – Finalize Design for Dome Seastead. Acquire Land in Puerto Rico for construction and general operations.

  • Q1 2023 – Begin construction of first prototype. Begin processing applications for grants.

  • Q2 2023 – Build a land based ocean research facility (small, will extend to water from there)

  • Q3 2023 –Develop partnerships with local Puerto Rican Hotels and Marinas.

  • Q4 2023 – Begin mass production.


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Aquaculture is increasingly recognized as one of the most environmentally sustainable ways to produce food and protein. Leading health experts promote the value of adding seafood to one’s diet, especially for people who are pregnant or nursing and children. Aquaculture can improve food security and nutrition by increasing the amount of seafood available for people to eat. If done correctly, aquaculture increases food production, boosts economic growth in coastal and rural areas, and can help keep waterways clean.

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Dome Seastead Design

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This dome seastead design is 250ft in diameter and will be constructed using a variation of Ultra High-Performance concrete (UHPC). It will include housing, amenities, communal office spaces, and markets for locally produced and imported goods. Through the incorporation of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC), water desalination, solar energy, and aquaculture farming, these communities will provide energy, fresh water, and food, all inexpensively produced on and below the seastead.

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Water desalination is the process of removing dissolved minerals and other impurities from seawater. We are exploring efficient ways of water desalination to help our goal of creating self-sustainable seasteads. Despite the many advances in water desalination technology, there are still several challenges to overcome. Nonetheless, water desalination has the potential to be a valuable tool in addressing the global water crisis. With the increasing demand for fresh water, desalination could provide a reliable and sustainable source of water for communities around the world.

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