Welcome seasteading community! We have been working continuously to find a design that is efficient and practical. Our promise is to the world, so we continue to strive. Lessons learned become experience gained. In this new year we look to achieve the goal of having a floating structure in the water. Through the learning of the right knowledge and right actions will come the solution to our problem. With that we would like to introduce you to our dome seastead design. 

Our dome seastead design is 250ft in diameter. The dome will be a total of 5 floors with a height of 50ft from base to dome top. Our building material will be a variation of Ultra High Performance concrete (UHPC). It is a material that has a projected 100-year life span with exceptional strength, durability, flexibility and longevity. Our mix includes materials such as water, cement, slag cement, fly ash, silica fume, superplasticizer, accelerator, sand, and steel fibers. We have submitted the material for testing twice, and will do it once again before starting construction. The qualities of this material will help us in our construction method of pouring the material into a form to achieve the final monolithic structure. This will allow us to create structures with longevity and integrity.

We intend for this monolithic dome to include housing, amenities, communal office spaces, and markets for locally produced and imported goods. This community will be fully sustainable through the incorporation of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC), water desalination, solar energy, and aquaculture farming. These will provide energy, fresh water, and food, all inexpensively produced on and below the seastead. Energy is abundant in the oceans and as we harvest it through the right technologies, we will live more abundant lives. We intend these communities to be abundant in nature to help create an abundant future for humans and nature. The ocean has many resources that we know about and far more that will certainly be discovered as we begin to inhabit the water.

These domes will initially be located near shore as part of land based communities, marinas, or hotels. This will help us establish an initial market. We eventually plan to expand out into the ocean to create fully sustainable communities that not only harvest the vastness of its resources, but also help in reviving marine ecosystems around the world. These communities are intended to be beacons of life both above and below the water. We know what the ocean can provide for us, so we want to make sure it stays healthy so that it can continue to provide us with so much.

We have recently obtained a property in Puerto Rico about thirty minutes east of Mayaguez from which to begin our operations of construction. The plan is to construct floating platforms from which to construct the dome on the coast of Mayaguez. We will begin construction of the dome seastead design prototype in the next couple of weeks, and a full size dome later this year. We have also partnered with the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez. Their outstanding research infrastructure will help us discover ways in which to be more efficient, but also in better ways to help marine life. We look forward to growing this year and getting closer to the future we envision for humanity.