Who We Are


Ben Silone


Ben Silone has a personal mission to help our planet and its people. He grew up as a homeschooled student and this enabled him to pursue his educational interest in the world and its environment. His father was a contractor and Ben became interested in contracting, IT work, and eventually real estate. How work brought him all over the world. Ben has worked to provide relief and even fight human trafficking in other countries.

Now Ben wants to continue helping people and our oceans too! When he is not working on his seasteading goals, he can be found spending time with his wife and five children.

Mike Doty


Mike sees ocean development as a means to promote a sustainably abundant economy. The open ocean has the potential to supply sufficient energy, food, water, and industrial feedstocks for the entire planet while restoring the oceans to peak health. His background is in mechanical engineering from the aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer products industries.

His goal is to extend the cutting edge technology from these areas into the marine environment for permanent habitation and production.

Mitchell Suchner


Mitchell is an IT Specialist who has spent the past two years working in the Banking industry and Fintech in general. He grew up on the water, learning to drive a speed boat and water ski. He has a passion for the seasteading movement and wants to see it grow, and reach new horizons.

He believes that Arktide is the path forward for the seasteading movement and has taken initiative on moving forward with several of Arktide’s most exciting projects.